MK1 controller prototype

fridgebuzzz electronics has spent the past few months developing a programmable midi controller with a new yet familiar interface. there are no productions plans as of yet but more information and demo videos can be found here .

LOTRF review on analog war cry

alfie cruz of analog war cry posted a review of the Land of The Rising Fuzzz as the thrid part of his fuzz week review series. he had some really great things to say about it's sound and we'd like to agree with him. go to analog war cry to read the review.

alessandro cortini custom stereo LOTRF

fridgebuzzz electronics delivered a custom built stereo/multiple mono version of the land of the rising fuzzz to alessandro cortini of nine inch nails and modwheelmood. the pedal was designed for stereo operation in alessandro's keyboard rig and cascaded mono for use with guitar. click here for more information.

blog buzzz

atari synth front atari synth

the one-of-a-kind fridgebuzzz electronics atari synth has been making the rounds in the blog circuit recently. follow the links to see what people had to say.

Boing Boing
Boing Boing Gadgets
The Daily Swarm


the land of the rising fuzzz is now available at mr. music.
click the buy link for more information.