fridgebuzzz electronics is excited to have the following artists use our products on stage and in the studio:

alessandro cortini
after trying the LAND OF THE RISING FUZZZ, alessandro asked fridgebuzzz electronics to create a custom version to be used with his keyboard rig. the custom made LOTRF features two seperate LOTRF circuits that can be used to process seperate stereo channels or to cascade one fuzzz into the next in a mono mode. also added is a noise/blend control that feeds back the signal and blends it with the input. both circuits can be engaged seperately or by the center master bypass switch. alessandro used the custom LOTRF live onstage while on the final leg of the nine inch nails "lights in the sky" tour.

clint mansell
clint mansell is an award winning composer who's soundtrack work includes the films pi, requiem for a dream, the fountain and smokin' aces. clint was one of the first adopters of the LAND OF THE RISING FUZZZ.

darlings are a local fridgebuzzz favorite and will be releasing their debut album "if this is love" on famous class records at the end of 2008. darlings use the LAND OF THE RISING FUZZZ both onstage and in the studio.

jubilee is a new rock band comprised of seasoned musicians. hailing from la, jubillee consists of Aaron North (Nine Inch Nails, The Icarus Line) on guitar and vocals, Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age, Wires On Fire) on bass and vocals, Jeff Lynn (Wires On Fire) on guitar, and Troy Petrey (The Icarus Line, Willowbrook) on drums. The LOTRF was featured on the b-side "Fuzz are Down."

slang chickens
slang chickens is an la based band playing a kind of country and blues infused rock. they are working on their debut record which will be released on psychedelic judiasm in 2009.
slang chickens