atari synth
atari synth front
atari synth top atari synth back atari synth side

the atari synth is a custom made, 12 oscillator, 3 modulator square wave synthesizer.

each of the 12 oscillator voices correspond to an arcade-style pushbutton key, 2-position toggle switch and frequency tuning knob.

each voice operates in two modes: when the toggle switch is down, the oscillator is triggered by the push- button key. when the switch is up, the oscillator voice acts as a drone. this means that any number of gated notes and drone combinations can be utilized. all 12 voices are individually tunable from bass frequencies to upper audio frequencies.

the 3 modulators located on the top left of the unit range from LFO speeds up through the audio range and are turned on with their respective toggle switches.

the output is located on the rear of the unit and is accompanied by a master volume control. the power switch and LED are from the original unit and the power jack has been replaced by a BOSS-style center- negative 9v power jack.

the atari synth was a one-of-a-kind instrument but fridgebuzzz electronics is currently working on a handheld version.

price: sold

sound samples:

drone with lfo #1
drone with lfo #2
with delay
delay with lfo
delay drone
delay swell