here are a few other fridgebuzzz electronics projects :

the discrete nudge
designed to allow two parties to discretely communicate in public, the discrete nudge is a silent, wireless two-way communication system. consisting of a microcontroller, xbee wireless transmitter, reed switch and pager motor, the discrete nudge module is worn under the clothes of the individual and is occompanied by a magnetic ring worn on a finger. when one wearer brings the hand containing the ring up to the module, the switch is closed and a pulse is sent to the other wearer in the form of a motor vibration.

oiko world
oiko world, created by chloe vareldi, is an interactive game designed to instill resource conservation in children. consisting of sensor and feedback systems, oiko encourgaes children to recycle and use less water and electricity. user friendly and brightly colored modules inspire interaction with the game system. fridgebuzzz electronics designed the electronic systems for the game modules.

signal simulator
signal simulator is a signal generator and oscilloscope simulator created in processing. the software is accompanied by a hardware controller that allows the user to adjust the frequency and amplitude of the waveform as well as select what waveform is being used. the waveform can be viewed on the oscilloscope display and audio is produced through the computer audio output.

trump le monde
trump le monde is a hardware/software platform design to teach children and adults to play the trumpet. the program was created in processing and features music notation as well as pictorial representations of valve fingerings scrolling across a screen prompting the user the play along with a song. the controller unit is 1/3 scale of an acoustic trumpet and features realistic spring loaded valves as well as a breath sensor in the mouthpiece. audio is generated when the correct valves are played in conjuction with a breath input. the goal of trump le monde is to teach trumpet fingerings as well as basic sight-reading of sheet music. the program is ideal for getting students interested in music as well making existing practice regiments more fun. trump le monde can read any midi file containing a trumpet part and can output midi data to any midi sound module.
controller v.1 image
prototype electronics image
controller v.2
software video
demo video